10 vegan seafood brands that are worth checking out

15 Jul 2021

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Vegan Seafood brands Photo: Good Catch Foods.

It’s time you try swimming in the vegan seafood pool. Vegan seafood is touted to be the next big thing in the alternative protein market. And, with an ever-increasing number of vegan seafood options coming to market, you can still enjoy familiar dishes while helping to save our oceans at the same time.

Here are some brands our members love that we encourage you to try for yourself. When you do, don’t forget to review them on abillion.


Gardein Photo by @visalinathan of Golden Fishless Filets.

Also, check out Gardein’s Mini Crabless Cakes. These crispy and tender bites are perfect for snacking. Gardein products are sold in Singapore, Canada, UK and the USA.

Good Catch

Good Catch Photo by @kturcotte of Plant-based Fishless Cakes Thai Style.

Good Catch's products are made with a six-legume blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava and navy beans; this makes them high in protein. This unique mixture also helps the products mimic the texture and flakiness of seafood.

“These were pretty good, had a very similar taste and texture of a fish cake,” says abillion member @sp83 about Good Catch’s Thai Style Plant-Based Fish Cakes. Good Catch products are available in Canada, Europe, UK and the USA.

Vegan Nutrition

“We had a blast eating this vegan sticks crab style. Only added mayo and was super yummy. We will buy again,” says abillion member @gitaneta about Vegan Nutrition’s Vegan Calamares. Vegan Nutrition is available in Spain and the UK.

Vantastic Foods

Loma Linda

Lome Linda Photo by @tamiapple of Lemon Pepper Fishless Tuna.

Loma Linda is committed to save 1 million fish from the world’s oceans by 2023 as it urges people to reduce tuna in their diets and go plant-based instead.

Loma Linda’s newest product line features delicious, plant-based seafood alternatives called Tuno. Whether you’re craving Asian flavored tuna or western flavored tuna, Loma Linda has a variety of options to choose from. Tasty varieties include Thai Sweet Chili, Sesame Ginger Fishless Tuna, Spicy Tuno Sriracha, and Lemon Pepper Fishless Tuna. Loma Linda products are sold in the UK, Australia, USA, Thailand and Europe


Quorn Photo by @ asiayportia of Fishless Fillets.

Quorn is a well-established brand in the alternative protein sector, known for its vegan makeovers of classic British foods. Fish and chips fans should check out Quorn’s range of battered and breaded Fishless Fillets. Apparently, the fishless fillets took five years to develop. The Quorn fillets join a wide range of faux fish products from fishless fingers to vegan versions of tuna, smoked salmon, prawns, scampi, sushi and even caviar.

“It’s been a really long time since I last had fish fingers but from what I can remember, this is pretty close to the real deal! It flakes and tastes like fish fingers - without taking the life of any fish!” says abillion member and staff member @Jashment about Fishless Fingers.

Quorn products are available across 18 countries including the UK, the US, Singapore, Australia and the majority of Western Europe.

Sophie’s Kitchen


Photo by@merbear8 of Vegan Breaded Shrimp.

“One of the better imma-tuna's I've had. I like the brand in general, and wish they had a larger presence,” says abillion member @m5giora about Sea Salt Toona.

Sophie’s Kitchen products are available in Canada, France and the USA. Recently, Sophie’s Kitchen was launched in the frozen food aisle at 400 Walmart stores in the US.

Plant Pioneers

Plant Pioneers Photo by @katelouisepowell of Fishless Fingers.

“Really liked these. The coating went really crispy and the texture was amazing. They also had a flavour that was surprisingly similar to fish and they were well seasoned. Will definitely be purchasing these again, says abillion member @chloe20 about Plant Pioneers Fishless Fingers. Plant Pioneers is available in Singapore and the UK.



We hope this list helps you make a conscious switch to vegan seafood. Learn more about the vegan seafood market through our latest report here. Tell us which is your favorite vegan seafood product in the comments below.

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