Our app is now available in Portuguese!

24 Jun 2022

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Hot on the heels of launching our app in Italian, we now have a new language in our cap: Portuguese.

We’re super excited to see this finally happening as the Portuguese speakers within the abillion community – mostly from Brazil and Portugal – grew three times in 2021. We’re only into the first half of 2022 and we’ve already seen that number double.

In fact, our Portuguese-speaking community has chalked up over 160,000 reviews since we launched in 2018, ringing up over US$140,000 in donation credits. Of this, 90 percent of the funds have benefited our Brazillian partners, Rancho Dos Gnomos and Vale da Rainha.

As always, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for being part of us, and growing with us. Know also that this is but a small step we’re taking towards building a truly global community to make going vegan easier in any way we can.

To experience the app in Portuguese, download the latest version and head to settings on your profile page. Under App Preferences, change the language to Portuguese

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