Vegan College Guide: Boston College

24 Dec 2018

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BC Guide

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Boston College, more affectionately referred to as “The Heights,” is not actually located in the city of Boston, but just outside of the city in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. The school has over 9,000 undergraduate students studying anything from art history to computer science. BC is one of the friendliest, most welcoming colleges out there, with everyone willing to extend a helping hand. You’ll find yourself running into a building because someone 20 feet ahead of you is waiting and holding the door open for you. That’s BC in a nutshell.

From Addie’s in Corcoran Commons to Hillside Cafe on Lower campus, food options are plentiful, and Boston College Dining Services is becoming increasingly better at adding flavor to the menus with vegan and vegetarian dishes.

As part of EcoPledge, the largest sustainability group on campus, we are making it our missions to promote sustainable eating through veganism and vegetarianism to the student body. The four of us will take on various restaurants and hot spots for food on campus and off and rate the dishes that we have tried, providing you with a better picture of just how much is out there in the realm of meatless foods.

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im so jealous of all the trendy food haunts on and off campus! the asian food at Grasshopper looks pretty authentic too 😋
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vikas3 YEARS AGO
Love that BC and Boston are moving up in the world!