Vegan College Guide: MIT

10 May 2019

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MIT Guide

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MIT is the perfect campus to find a variety of delicious plant-based options everyday! We have five dining hall dorms alongside multiple cafeterias and snack shops on campus. The menus for all of these places can be skimmed via AND you can even filter specifically for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and halal only food. This ultra-convenient website allows you to check all the plant-based options on MIT campus within minutes for not just that day, but the future week as well. And if there’s a dish you absolutely loved that you want to recommend to a friend but you forgot what it was called, fear not, for you can see the past week’s dishes as well. Ready for the most amazing part? All of MIT’s dining halls and cafeterias label each dish with stickers detailing if they are vegan or vegetarian, so no more having to read ingredient lists or ask staff members what’s in a dish - you can just look at the stickers. Checking out all the plant-based items has never been easier! In addition to dining halls and cafeterias, MIT also hosts two grocery stores on campus, both of which are full of vegan options. Keep reading to learn more about plant based eating at MIT!

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wow @bubby your school!
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sylchew3 YEARS AGO
Love how colleges around the world are so vegan friendly now! :D
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vikas3 YEARS AGO
This guide is truly epic, thank you Riana for your dedication!
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Thanks so much!
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alettertovegans3 YEARS AGO