Vegan College Guide: UC Davis

7 Mar 2019

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Hello! And welcome to the UC Davis Ultimate Vegan Guide. Davis, home of the Aggies, is located in Yolo County neighboring with the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, and Sacramento. Here you will find a charming college town with a Northern California vibe filled with bicycles (22,000 bicycles can be found on campus every day!!), grassy fields and beautiful trees, happy people, and most importantly, delicious veggie food!

UC Davis prides itself in its commitment to sustainability. The campus hopes to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. And so, you can feel a campus culture centered around healthy and environmentally conscious living. It is easy to be vegan, vegetarian, plant based, and health conscious in this community. You will find a multitude of clubs and organizations focused on animal rights, sustainability, environmental justice, food justice, and way more. One of the most treasured activities in Davis is the Farmer’s Market — families and students flock to downtown to try all of the healthy, local produce and to share a meal on the grassy field while listening to the live bands.

We are Athena, Isa, and Chelsea, three vegan yoga teaching babes excited to show you the way to plant based and healthy living in Davis. Athena is a graduate from UC Davis with a degree in Nutrition. Since she has graduated, she’s been traveling the world — teaching yoga and seeking out the best vegan spots worldwide! Most recently, Athena lived with Isa in Thailand where they made the Vegan Guide to Bangkok. Isa is in her last year at UC Davis majoring in American Studies and Education. She hopes to move to Bali with Athena in the summer! Chelsea is a fourth year international agricultural development major with a strong interest in regenerative agriculture. She hopes to use this knowledge to work with small scale women farmers around the world by promoting soil health education to ultimately improve women’s and gender equality and economic opportunity. All three of us teach for the Yoga Club on Campus, and we love to geek out over vegetables… and vegan donuts!

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