Vegan College Guide: Vanderbilt University

17 Dec 2018

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abillionveg Vegan College Guide: Vanderbilt

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Vanderbilt University is located in Nashville, TN. Nashville, also known as “Music City”, is an up and coming city with people flocking to it daily, and with its large immigrant population, is often considered a melting pot. The city is home to over half a million people, and is commonly known as the home of country music. Vanderbilt was founded in 1873 and has ten schools, four of which include undergraduate students. The university has 6,885 undergraduate students and 5,707 graduate students enrolled with 90% of undergraduates living on campus. Freshman, sophomore and junior undergraduate students are required to have a meal plan, with the requirements being different for each year. This means that the options on campus are especially important for undergraduate students. The campus is 333 acres large and was made an arboretum in 1988. Walking through campus is a nice break in the middle of a big city since it is so green.

There are over 500 clubs and organizations on campus, one of which is VIVA, which stands for the Vanderbilt Initiative for Veg Awareness. We are a student group that was founded in 2009 to promote vegetarian/vegan diets and the dissemination of information relating to them, and created this food guide for Vanderbilt’s campus. We often host cooking events where we make vegan dishes together, we volunteer in the community, meet with campus dining to advocate for better options in the dining halls, and we advocate on campus for veg lifestyles. Examples of dishes that we have made in the past at cooking events are BBQ chickpea sliders, vegan sloppy joes, vegan sushi, snickerdoodle cake, chocolate chip cookies and more!

Some organizations that we have volunteered with in the community and fundraised for include Habitat for Paws, which builds dog fences for families that can’t afford them so that their dogs don’t have to live their whole life on a chain, and the Elephant Sanctuary, which provides a sanctuary for elephants from circuses and zoos to retire to in peace. Advocacy events on campus have included bringing vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli to campus for a talk and book signing, pay per views, pamphleting, and distributing samples of vegan food and products. We recognize that health is not one size fits all, and we hope to help people find the diet that works best for them while helping the environment and animals.

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wow i really want to try that avocado margarita! 🥑🍸
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I"ll definitely use this if I'm in Nashville!