Vegan College Guide: Wesleyan University

10 Dec 2018

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Veganism used to feel limiting. Now, that is no longer the case.

Whether dining on campus or venturing into town for a meal, students have an abundance of plant-based options. Despite the abundance, finding plant-based food takes some getting used to; this guide is meant to facilitate that process. Learn how to reduce your meat and dairy consumption at Wesleyan without compromising good flavors and good health! For more in-depth reviews of dishes from each dining hall and restaurant, search #vegout on or the abillionveg app!

You can help promote food justice & sustainability!

Reducing our consumption of animal products is one of the most direct ways we can promote food justice and sustainability. Ninety-nine percent of meat consumed in the US comes from factory farms, which destroy the environment and exploit their workers, all the while producing unhealthful products and falsely marketing them as necessary components of a well-rounded diet. Going plant-based counteracts the harmful effects of the meat and dairy industries.

Crowd out, don’t cut out.

In Veg Out, we like to think about diet changes in positive terms: instead of focusing on what you’re lacking when you cut back on animal products, think about the new products you’re adding to your cuisine! There’s so much good food available these days, and especially for Wesleyan students, that it’s easy to crowd out meat and dairy with tasty alternatives.

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wow you have tibetan food on campus! im so jealous i've never even had tibetan food in my life and wish we had such interesting food options at my uni 😭the chocolate place looks amazing too, i'd definitely go there all the time especially if i'm feeling the stress from school 😂
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vikas3 YEARS AGO
This guide is awesome!!!
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wharding3 YEARS AGO
I'm going to be visiting Wesleyan next month and I will definitely use this when I'm there! Thanks for such great detail!
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wharding3 YEARS AGO
@clairecancook you have been to this school before!