5 Reunion Dinner Restaurants to Book in Singapore this CNY!

5 Feb 2021

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CNY celebrations

If 2020 has taught us something, it’s the importance of health. As we welcome the Year of the 'Ox', extravagant reunion meals are hard to miss. With plenty of vegan options out there, you don’t need to pass on those dumplings. Although Chinese New Year food is traditionally meat-driven, this year you can enjoy some healthy vegan versions of your classic Chinese dishes.

Here’s our round-up of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Singapore to head to for your CNY reunion dinner.

1. Miao Yi

  Review of Double Flavour Broiled Mock Pig from Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant on abillion Review by @goodvibesonly of the Mock Suckling Pig.

Miao Yi has been serving traditional vegetarian Chinese food since 1991. But for this CNY, they take it up a notch. They're serving a real feast for the eye and the belly. Don’t forget to try their fortune Mock Suckling Pig, that made it to our top 50 dishes in Singapore and the Black Truffle Braised EE Fu Main. Their ala-carte menu will set the new year on the right food track! Make advance reservations through abillion app for Chinese New Year if you don’t want to miss this food train. Check out their elaborate CNY menu here.


  Review of Pan-Fried Impossible™ Gyoza  by Empress Restaurant Review by @cocothekoala of Pan-Fried Impossible Gyoza

If you want to enjoy traditional Chinese food in a contemporary dining room with an iconic setting by the Singapore River, EMPRESS is the place to go! EMPRESS offers not only a fine-dining experience but also delicious vegan food to go with the mood. Enjoy delicious a la carte specials and Chinese New Year set menus at EMPRESS.

3. Eight Treasures  

Review of sharks fin soup from Eight Treasures on abillion Review by @opheeeliaaa of Sharks Fin Soup.

Eight Treasures has hidden treasures to unveil all your senses. They've a 5 to 8 set CNY ala-carte menu, consisting of mini pot Sharks Fin Soup, Pork Ribs, Lucky Yee Fu Noodles, Happy Pumpkin Yam Rings and delicious Omnimeat Superior Sauce Beancurd. They even have a Vegan Yu Sheng so you don't miss out on any customs. Eight Treasures ensures an authentic experience of CNY reunion dinners. Go through their CNY menu here.. Their set menus $398 for 8 people.

4. LingZhi Vegetarian restaurant

  Braised Lion’s Head Mushroom Ball review from LingZhi Vegetarian on abillion Review by @kelvin of Braised Lion's Head Mushroom Ball.

If you think vegan Chinese food is all about mock meats, tofu, and fried rice, then this will surprise you with its variety and taste. Fresh flavors take center stage at LingZhi vegetarian restaurant. Try their Oat Dumpling, it exhibits gorgeous bits of oats, Chinese yam and chestnut; giving a satisfying crunch with each and every bite. Another classic is the Braised Lion’s Head Mushroom Ball with Seasonal Vegetables. Perfect amount of juiciness and flavors that remind you of every CNY reunion dinner with your family.

5. Chengdu

  Review of Mapo tofu from Chengdu on abillion Review by @morethanveggies of Mapo Tofu.

Chengdu brings iconic traditional and modern Sichuan dishes to Singapore with its colorful flavors and healthy ingredients. It caters to both meat-eaters and vegans. The meatless options will surprise you with their authenticity and flavors. The dish that made it to our top 50 dishes of Singapore is the Mini Potatoes. These spherical cuts of potato that are flash-fried with some minced onions, crushed dried chili, and chopped garlic scapes are pleasantly light and crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside.

Some other restaurants you need to try this CNY are Nature Café, Vege Pot, Privé and Din Tai Fung that feature many local classics that are sure to please even the most novice of eaters. Lastly, for your tub of vegan pineapple tarts visit Delcie's Desserts and Kian Joo Vegetarian Food Supply Centre.

Chinese New Year festivities might look different this year; the usual tossing of the Yu Sheng has to be done with masks on and auspicious cheers that echo through restaurants will be muted. But at least we can all still dine in auspicious groups of eight. For those choosing to stay home but not wanting to whip up an elaborate meal for your family, order online for a personal festive experience. No matter what you choose to do, you don’t need to compromise on the delicious fare that brings memories and flavors with every bite of your favorite dish.

Comment and let us know if there are more restaurants that offer vegan menus for this CNY!

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