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16 Dec 2020

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2020 has undoubtedly been the year of plant-based foods. The total US plant-based food sales grew by 11%, more than 5 times the rate of growth of US retail food sales in the same period. Plant-based products have become more affordable, thanks to the brands' efforts to scale up and reduce costs and this trend is getting stronger and bigger.

abillion has been awarding the best vegan products based on 420,000 independent consumer reviews posted on the platform. In 2020, we’ve crowned the best plant-based foods from around the world - from dairy-free ice creams to vegan burgers. Find out about the top winners in each category below!

Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Dairy-Free Almond by Magnum


The vegan ice cream market has started to grow exponentially. The global non-dairy ice cream market is poised to reach US$1.2 billion in 2025. When it comes to desserts, the more the merry!

This ice cream is made from an expert blend of coconut oil and pea protein and made with Belgian Chocolate. Velvety and Madagascan vanilla non-dairy base is dipped in a vegan cracking milk chocolate shell and topped with sea salt roasted almonds, for a unique taste like no other.

Best Plant-Based Burger

Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat


Best Dairy-Free Cheese

Mozzarella by Felices Las Vacas


This mozzarella cheese is one of its kind. Made from almonds, coconut oil and cassava starch is just perfect for any meal. Felices Las Vacas is an emerging newcomer in the plant-based food market that one needs to watch out for!

Best Vegan Yogurt

Natural Coconut Yogurt Alternative by Alpro


The pioneers of the plant-based revolution, Alpro is leading the food market for over 40 years, making plant-based a positive choice for the planet and its people.

If there is one yogurt you want to try, that ought to try, let it be coconut yogurt by Alpro. Touched by subtle, tropical coconut, for a little taste of island life.

Best Vegan Chocolate

Le Choc by Felices Las Vacas


This Argentina brand Felices Las Vacas is changing the world one plant-based product at a time. Started in 2013 to provide an alternative, rich, healthy and compassionate option to dairy products. This Le Choc chocolate is a spread sweetened with almonds, a semi-bitter pastry bath, is a rage among our members.

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@veve profile image
veve1 YEAR AGO
Felices las vacas rocks!🥰👏
@travelerafit profile image
travelerafit1 YEAR AGO
Wow proud of my country introducing great plant based products with Felices las vacas !!!
@iamgodschild profile image
iamgodschild1 YEAR AGO
GOD BLESS! ✝️🦋🙏💚🤟🏽 Organic is the way! Food in unaltered form! AMEN!! Merry CHRISTmas everyOne!! ❤️🕊
@hownowbrownkow profile image
hownowbrownkow1 YEAR AGO
The magnum is just out of this world!
@thelondonvegan profile image
thelondonvegan1 YEAR AGO
This is a great article! Would love to see it extended to sausages, alternative milks, butter etc.!
@omarchelechg profile image
omarchelechg1 YEAR AGO
Que buen dato. A probar la marca Felices Las Vacas de mis vecinos de la Argentina 🇦🇷