Black-owned vegan businesses to shop from, now and forever

12 Feb 2022

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Black history month Photo: Rodnae Productions

February marks Black History Month in the United States.

According to The White House: “It is essential that we take time to celebrate the immeasurable contributions of Black Americans, honor the legacies and achievements of generations past, reckon with centuries of injustice, and confront those injustices that still fester today.”

It’s in that spirit that we’re spotlighting Black-owned vegan businesses and their products reviewed on abillion.

This is not just about buying a product you like, but about closing the wealth gap and enabling employment across communities. After all, despite strides made in recent times, Black-owned businesses only make up for about 0.1 percent of all business revenue in America, according to the Urban Business Institute.

There’s no better time than now than to highlight the contributions of Black businesses in advancing veganism and sustainability. In the words of Black Businesses Matter, “Having a focus on Black entrepreneurship is not about separating ourselves. It is about sustaining ourselves.”

Know any more Black-owned brands? Comment below.

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Partake Foods

Black history month Photo: @joespfh

“I discovered this brand of vegan cookies and I have to say they’re rather delicious tasting,” says @sandyvilletti. “They have a good crunch and I enjoyed dipping them in some oat milk like I did as a kid.”

A Dozen Cousins

Black history month Photo: @lucyfoxx

According to The Urban Business Institute, “74 percent of all Black-owned businesses feel they need to pander as white-owned through their marketing paraphernalia.” A Dozen Cousins is not one of them. The California-based brand is much loved for creating products that proudly hail from Black, Latin American and Creole Kitchens. Choose from their packs of seasoned beans or range of seasoning sauces for rice that makes cooking delicious meals a breeze.

“Love that I got to try Trini food, a cuisine I don’t see often around here,” says @hereforareason about the Trini Chickpea Curry. “I served this over rice and made a delicious, simple two-serving meal.”

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Maya's Cookies

Black history month Photo: Maya's Cookies

“Maya's is without question the best vegan cookies,” says @parasocialvegan. “They are winning well deserved awards and are great to their employees and customers.”

Choose Life Foods

Black history month Photo: Choose Life Foods

Choose Life Foods was created by Carolyn Simon who was on a mission to veganize Jamaican patties without losing any of their allure. Her version replaces beef with soy proteins, which are encased in a flakey pastry. These come in four variations: the beefless lover’s patty, which comes in spicy and mild, coconut kale delight, and Caribbean curry delight.

“I love these vegan beefless Jamaican patties,” says @jusjag. “They are so flaky and bursting with flavour! If you can get your hands on them, it's worth it!”

Good Girl Chocolate

Black history month Photo: @sjnaturelover

Chocolate is always a good idea. When it’s organic, single origin and vegan, it’s even better. Good Girl Chocolate ticks all these boxes with its range of truffles and chocolate bars. The truffles make for perfect vegan gifts starting from a modest five-piece set and going up to 36 pieces for the ultimate chocolate aficionado. Meanwhile, gourmands serious about their single origin chocolates can order the 70 percent dark chocolate bars made in small batches and slightly sweetened with organic coconut sugar.

“Delicious plant based chocolates as truffles and as bars,” says @sjnaturelover. “Many flavors to choose from and SO good!”

Black history month Photo: No Cookie Cookie

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stormm9 MONTHS AGO
Jamaican patties and cookies could be my everyday meal. I'm hoping some of these goodies are available near me.