5 Reasons Eating Vegan is Easier Than You Think

8 Dec 2020

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Vegan: a word that's on everybody's lips, but not necessarily on their plates. Veganism has really hit the mainstream this past year, with Gregg's vegan sausage rolls taking control of the British news for weeks on end. Each time we visit our supermarket, there's a chance we'll come across a new vegan product. Whilst many people reading this might already be aware of veganism, there's still a stigma associated with the lifestyle. For many people, it's the weird, sandal-wearing, free love, keyboard warrior stereotype that puts them off, and for others, it's simply too hard to avoid animal products. But fear no more my veg-curious friend, I'm here to address your concern and show you exactly why veganism is not as hard as you think.

So here we go, these are my top 5 reasons eating vegan is easier than you think.

1. 60% of your plate is already vegan. "Um no, sorry, I hate vegan food, I've never eaten it and never will!" This is one of the first things I hear when I mention vegan food. But, if you think about it, most meals are built around carbs: pasta, rice, oats, potatoes... which are all vegan! Coupled with veggies and pulses, usually considered 'side dishes', your diet's probably a lot more vegan-friendly than you think.*

tracy's favorite salad Tracy's Favorite Salad from Privé, Singapore

2. You can veganize almost anything. When I made the vow to help animals, the planet, and my body I was disheartened as I thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy my favorite foods ever again. Oh, how wrong I was. One swift google search of "any dish in the world + vegan" and I realized there's nothing that creative food bloggers can't veganize. Mac and Cheese, burgers, ice-cream sundaes, you'll never miss your faves.

vegan ice cream Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Tap to view the recipe.

3. You really love animals. A lot of times veganism gets muddled with the diet culture as if it's some sort of a fad that'll help you lose weight. While it is a healthier diet for a number of reasons, it's primarily an animal rights movement. Everyone loves puppies, some of 'em may have already claimed your heart (and your couch). So if you love the little fur babies you live with, it's easy to make the connection to support all animals and try to reduce the suffering of the ones we don't live with.

baby pig Mike, from Fundación El Hogar, likes melting hearts when she's not eating or snoozing 🐽

4. The world is becoming more plant-based. Everywhere you go vegan options are popping up. McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Tesco, Domino's: all major brands are now proudly adding vegan options to their menu. The list of vegan-friendly brands is growing as we speak. It's getting easier and easier to opt for vegan options*.

Dominos vegan pizza @hannibal's review of Vegan beef and onion pizza from Domino's Pizza, Australia

5. You care about your future. More and more scientific research is emerging about the benefits of a vegan diet for our long-term health and the health of our planet. If you're someone who cares about your health and the environment, you already understand how important it is to take big steps towards a better future. If you already avoid unhealthy foods, it's easy to swap your meat to plant-based protein.

So what're you waiting for? Try something vegan today!

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Disclaimer. I know that I write this from a place of privilege, I am fortunate to live in the UK which has a wide variety of vegan options at a very low cost. I do not intend to suggest that those living in less privileged societies can make the change just as easily. This article is intended to encourage those with the same privilege as myself to make the switch.

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goodfoodnow1 YEAR AGO
Written very well.
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7kathy1 YEAR AGO
Well written with valid points. Thank you
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yourlocalvegan1 YEAR AGO
Love this! ❤️ Just wish everyone could open their eyes to the facts...
@malarky profile image
malarky1 YEAR AGO
Living vegan is so much easier than I thought. So lucky to have taken the only seemingly difficult step – the first moment of commitment. From that day forward it has been a fun adventure! ....My heart goes out to all of the vegans I have known who gently, tenderly showed me the way, even when I thought I could never do it myself.
makesenseoffers1 YEAR AGO