8 Guilty Pleasures You Didn't Know were Vegan

1 Mar 2021

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What if we told you that your favorite childhood snacks are actually vegan?

This list of “accidentally vegan” treats might surprise you!

1. Oreo

man in car holding up an Oreo Check out reviews of America's favorite cookie, Oreo, on abillion.

2. Smucker's Marshmallow Topping

Who needs whipped cream when you have this creamy marshmallow topping? We're so glad that Smucker's has so many accidentally vegan products!

Smucker's Marshmallow Topping

Pic credit: @kaylabear

3. Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

Drizzle this over your cakes, ice creams, waffles, pancakes....or pour it straight in your mouth (we don't judge). Did you know? Hershey's has a whole range of products that're suitable for vegans, check them out here.

Hershey's chocolate syrup

Pic Credit: @xuewen

4. Bournville Chocolate Fingers

Bournville lovers are in for a treat! These chocolate fingers are everything you'd expect and more, as they're made with dark chocolate! We squealed in delight when we saw just how many Bournville's products were reviewed on abillion.

Bournville Chocolate Fingers

Pic credit:@purplelilpixie

5. Betty Crocker Tempting Chocolate Icing

Frosted cakes makes everyone happy. You don't need to make your frostings from scratch as this chocolate frosting's accidentally vegan! Betty Crocker has many other vegan products, so all our baking worries just got sorted!

Betty Crocker's Tempting Chocolate Icing

Pic credit: @lorraineh

6. Indomie Mi Goreng Satay Noodles

Our go-to midnight snack and college-life companion, Indomie's Mi Goreng including many of their other flavors are vegan! Click here to find out which Indomie products are reviewed on abillion.

indomie Mi Goreng

Pic credit: @rupertpiers

7. Tesco's Mini Breadsticks

It says suitable for vegetarians, but on closer inspection, we found that these are vegan! Now your soups won't feel lonely…yay! Tesco does have a plant chef range, which is made for vegans, but you can also find various products in their OG range that are vegan-friendly.

Tesco's Mini Breadsticks

Pic credit: @waisum

8. Dunkin' Donuts Strawberry Jelly Donut

Sugar dusted donuts that are filled with strawberry jelly sounds like heaven! Just grab a steaming hot cup o' coffee, and you're all set! We've seen a lot of vegan-friendly Dunkin' Donuts on abillion. So next time you pass by the shop, be sure to stop and ask them if they've something for you.

Dunkin' Donuts' Strawberry Jelly Donut

Pic credit: @lou

So, the next time someone asks you what vegans eat? You can tell them that we enjoy many of the things that the non-vegans do, too! Review your accidentally vegan finds with the #accidentallyvegan on abillion and share the word.

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@valeveg75 profile image
valeveg751 YEAR AGO
As Homer Simpson says... aaahhhshsahahah donuts! 🤤🤤🤤😍😍
@eyesee profile image
eyesee1 YEAR AGO
So it seems that just cause it's vegan, doesn't mean it is healthy.
@hereforareason profile image
hereforareason1 YEAR AGO
Love accidentally vegan finds! My bf is obsessed with sour spaghetti, so I was happy to recently learn that’s not made with gelatin or anything ☺️
@dafnelately profile image
dafnelately1 YEAR AGO
Oh dear 🤭 You’re going to regret telling me Indomie has vegan options!
makesenseoffers1 YEAR AGO
makesenseoffers1 YEAR AGO
dietcommunity1 YEAR AGO
Most are made by BigFood and are highly processed foods. So there are no nutritional value in then and they are filled with are sugar, fat, chemicals,
@haylie profile image
haylie10 MONTHS AGO
Loving the #accidentallyvegan finds!!😎😎😎
@alexsea profile image
alexsea10 MONTHS AGO
As long as no animals are exploited or they or their secretions are ingredient, it is healthy enough for me 🙈😅. ..well, even human-animals should not be exploited more than necessary füt the production 🤔😇