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30 Sep 2022

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Writing a review on abillion is the best way to share your experience of eating a vegan dish or product while making an impact. When you write a quality review, you are able to donate meaningfully for a nonprofit you care about passionately while influencing businesses to offer more sustainable options. Your review also makes it easier for the community to discover vegan and cruelty-free options to drive this sustainability movement.

Anyone in our community can write a review on abillion and create impact. Our community values reviews that are authentic, useful, and engaging.

So, how to write a great & useful review? We’re here to share three tips and tricks on how to write an awesome review.

1. Select high-quality photos or videos

Example of great reviews Example of great reviews

If you’re dining at a restaurant, choose photos that give our community a good sense of your experience, including the dish and ambience of the restaurant. If you’re reviewing a food product, include images that clearly show the product name, brand, and any other relevant labels. Showing parts of the packaging such as the ingredients are helpful to members who may have food restrictions or preferences.

Pictures should:

Be sharp, clear, and well-lit

Be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing

Include the brand name, relevant ingredients and/or labels (if applicable)

Include the entire dish (if applicable)

Include the restaurant ambience (if applicable)

2. Add a useful and detailed description

descriptive review descriptive review

Imagine you’re a food tour guide and someone asks you where to find the best vegan pizza. What would you say?

You’d probably want to share all the flavors, textures, and emotions you experienced while eating that dish or product. The more descriptive or informative your review is, the more useful it is for our members.

Here are some questions to help guide your review:

How did the dish or product really taste?

Was it as good or bad as expected?

What was the experience like dining at the restaurant?

How vegan-friendly was the restaurant? Did they offer many or few vegan dishes?

Was the product packaging informative or attractive?

How much did you end up paying for the dish or product?

Which retailer did you buy this product from?

We value authenticity and honesty. If your experience wasn’t great, describe it to us. This will help businesses to improve their options while helping the community make better choices.

3. Add relevant hashtags and tags

review with hashtags review with hashtags

We’re so excited to see all the amazing reviews you’ll write to drive real impact.

abillion strives to continuously improve your reviewing experience. Please feel free to share your feedback to [email protected].

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@danielgl profile image
danielgl1 MONTH AGO
Excellent advice for great reviews!
@ava1kenobi profile image
ava1kenobi1 MONTH AGO
Very helpful. Thank You #abillion
@vegangumshoe profile image
vegangumshoe1 MONTH AGO
This is a great checklist! Any plans of adding a 4:5 photo aspect or a "stories" feature to show the full product, packaging and ingredients (without the post being super long)?
@ava997 profile image
ava9971 MONTH AGO
Is this why the review system changed? The more complete my review is, the more it is valued? For my last review i gol 1.5 dollars, but 1 dollar was automatically donated to Abillion equity and only 0.5 cents was added to the miney I can donate.
@ftc profile image
What is Abillion equity ?
@ava997 profile image
ava9971 MONTH AGO :)
@vikas profile image
vikas1 MONTH AGO
Yes that’s correct. And now instead of $1 you can earn a total of $2. It’s not easy but keep trying 🌞
@rochi194 profile image
rochi1941 MONTH AGO
Hi, how can I donate the money I earn for reviews? The whole reward system changed but now there’s no button to donate what we earn for reviews. Please show where should we find that.
@thedarktower profile image
thedarktower1 DAY AGO
After you earn credits to donate… Hit the impact button on the bottom right screen of the app.
@vlhrubcd522p profile image
vlhrubcd522p7 HOURS AGO
Can you show a few reviews as examples of ones that earned $2 rewards, please?
@hungrywoman profile image
hungrywoman1 MONTH AGO
Thank you🙂
@paldendorje profile image
paldendorje1 MONTH AGO
@veganladylove profile image
veganladylove1 MONTH AGO
Useful article. 👍
@lovewins profile image
lovewins1 MONTH AGO
Thanks for sharing this! I’m excited to see our wonderful and special community grow!
@sianya85 profile image
sianya851 MONTH AGO
Great to have a checklist to reflect on 💚
@agreene428 profile image
agreene4281 MONTH AGO
This is great advice!! Not only do I love creating reviews and sharing photos on @abillion, I'm also on Google Maps too! I'm at Level 7, which took me a while to achieve. I love showing folks that #VeganIsNotScary. 👻
@vikas profile image
vikas1 MONTH AGO
@mrsboyle90 profile image
mrsboyle901 MONTH AGO
I’ve been trying to do all of these since the competition that got members to review like this a few years ago. Makes for a much better review
@peter-plant-power profile image
Thanks for these useful guidelines.
@metalcricia profile image
metalcricia1 MONTH AGO
So I have to became a professional photographer and a food blogger to donate money to save animals?
@vikas profile image
vikas1 MONTH AGO
No you don’t. You can still keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get donation credits 💪🏽
@shinkysh0nky profile image
shinkysh0nky1 MONTH AGO
How do i choose the charity to donate to? I cant find that info anywhere
@thedarktower profile image
thedarktower1 DAY AGO
After you earn credits to donate… Hit the Impact image at the bottom right corner of your app and you’ll be able to choose which charity or charities you want to donate to.
@tanay-parekh profile image
tanay-parekh4 WEEKS AGO
Good advise but its realllllyyyy hard to post good pictures from the past after discovering that they do not fit the aspect ratio. Please remove the image ratio mandate ...
@yourfriendjen profile image
yourfriendjen4 WEEKS AGO
I've been consistently getting $1.70, even when I add mutliple photos, hashtags, and include detailed descriptions. Do I need to have a higher character count and hashtags in my descriptions to reach the full $2 or is there something else I should be doing?
@iszy profile image
iszy1 WEEK AGO
Having at least 5 hashtags seems to set me up for $1.80 consistently.
@rosaliab profile image
rosaliab4 WEEKS AGO
Could you please post some examples of reviews that have actually gotten a 2$ reward?
@thedarktower profile image
thedarktower1 DAY AGO
Yes yes yes - I would like examples too 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
@helenevegan profile image
helenevegan4 WEEKS AGO
Thanks for this - I'll try to pep up my reviews. Cheers #abillion
@hey-itsclau profile image
hey-itsclau2 WEEKS AGO
Personally, I wouldn’t have had a problem with this if the most part of the review money wasn’t automatically donated to abillion. On a 1.60€ review, 1€ goes in equity and 0.60€ I can donate. I would have wanted it to be the other way around. I do believe in abillion’s mission and would be happy to donate! But this feels forced and “not right” to me. Hope this can change. Would be more than happy to do this if it was the other way around 😌
@annmarievans profile image
annmarievans1 WEEK AGO
Agreed. 50/50 would seem fair to me
@paologemma profile image
paologemma2 WEEKS AGO
Strongly recommend
@flexivegan profile image
flexivegan1 DAY AGO
Do we get paid for every review?
@thedarktower profile image
thedarktower1 DAY AGO
You earn credits for every review that go into abillion equity and a portion of it you can donate to charity of your choice, using the impact button in the bottom right of the app.