Introducing the Carrot Club. Here’s everything you need to know.

13 Jan 2022

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carrot club

Welcome to the Carrot Club. As our community continues to grow and you keep making a positive impact through donations, we want to celebrate those wins. Our new milestone recognition program celebrates the most devoted members on the platform.

The Carrot Club has six levels, and you can unlock each after hitting a certain amount of donations. As you keep reviewing more vegan dishes and products, you’ll progress to the next level in the Carrot Club.

Carrot Club levels

Level 1: donations between $500-$999.

Level 2: donations between $1,000-$4,999.

Level 3: donations between $5,000-$9,999.

Level 4: donations between $10,000-$49,000.

Level 5: donations between $50,000-$99,000.

Level 6: donations over $100,000.

If you are a Carrot Club member, we encourage you to boast a little. Head to your profile and add the carrot emoji. Add the number of carrots for the level you have attained.


Whether you're just starting out or at level three, your efforts are making a positive impact by saving animals or taking part in social causes through our charity partners, and we'll be cheering you on! We can't wait to see how many carrots you've collected.

For more information on Carrot Club, read here.

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vegananu10 MONTHS AGO
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sofihuasteca9 MONTHS AGO
I cannot seem to find where I can add carrots to my profile. How can I add carrots?