Looking Back as We Leap Forward

30 Dec 2020

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2020 was unexpected for many but there are still so many things to celebrate! Here are some of our abillion highlights from this year!

Making an Impact!

The abillion community wrote almost 500,000 reviews and helped us donate US$ 400,000 to our non-profit partners. They have had a particularly hard year but were able to continue saving lives and influence their communities to go vegan!

In 2020, we added 6 new donation partners from all over the world. We didn’t stop there. As a community we wanted to step up and support social causes like the Black Lives Movement, where we supported the ACLU and donated almost $2,000. In August, we also raised over $3,500 for Red Cross Lebanon to help the people of Beirut in their time of need.

little calf Millions of animals like Marley, from Luvin Arms get to experience a safe haven thanks to your donations!

Introduced New Features!

We didn't let restrictions get in our way and we continued to improve the app while working from our homes. We completely changed the look of several pages. From a beautiful new profile to a complete revamp of the explore page! You now have an easier way to discover products, articles, hashtags and other members on the app!

We also launched lists to help you curate your own recommendations and save all the new and delicious things you find! So the next time someone says finding vegan food is hard, just make a collection of all the glorious food around them and send it their way!

We also launched the new dining feature. The improved experience has made it easier for people to discover the best vegan-friendly restaurants around you!


Celebrating businesses!

abillion wanted to recognize businesses that are tried, tested and love by our community. It's because of these businesses that we’re able to access more vegan-friendly food! This year we started awarding the best vegan brands who’ve stepped up and delivered the tastiest food in the world, from burgers to ice creams…you can find all of our winners on awards.abillion.com.

vegan businesses

Team growth

All this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the people on the abillion team. 2020 began with 8 core members and as the year went by 17 new people joined us to help make the platform and the world a better place. We also had 7 freelancers and 34 interns over the year who stepped in to help make the app even better! We place high emphasis on creating an inclusive environment and as of today, 60% of our workforce are womxn.


Growing community

We wouldn’t have achieved what we have this year had it not been for each of you and we're incredibly grateful. Thousands of members post reviews on the abillion each day, and we couldn't be more delighted about the impact our community has made on the lives of animals, people, and the planet.

To every single member of our community, we cannot thank you enough for the support you give. We hope you continue to support us and the nonprofits. It takes abillion people to change the world, and it starts with you.

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stevenneoh1 YEAR AGO
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theveganskunk1 YEAR AGO
Thank you for inviting me Sarah ! I'm so happy that 17 more people joined! Let's create some impact! Have a great New Year everyone ! Stay safe and share the love :) !
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danielgl1 YEAR AGO
Congrats on a great year behind and a new one ahead! Has been fun and informative joining the app 🎉👏🎊👍
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david-1 YEAR AGO
Cheers to 1 Million reviews in 2021?!!!🤩
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🙏🏻 Thank you 😊 & mahoosive congratulations 🥳🎉 Happy Nee Year!
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missykab1 YEAR AGO
Nee isn’t even Scottish 🤣 Happy New Year abillion 🥳
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