Stories of Kindness from Businesses around the World

12 Jun 2020

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Since March, many businesses have shown selflessness by sharing their resources, love, and time to support their communities. We've highlighted the work of a few companies but there are many others out there that are doing incredible things for their community.

Loka Padang to the rescue

A restaurant based in Jakarta, Loka Padang initiated it's #BerbagiLoka campaign to help the marginalized by distributing plant-based meals and care packages. Since April this year, they've upped their community support and have already given away more than 3000 vegan meals, over 200kg of rice and more than 100 Loka Care Packages, which consists of essential food supplies. At the moment, they're inviting sponsors, partners, and clients to support them as they prepare to donate even more care packages and vegan meals.

Help raise $8000 to give protein-rich meat substitute to children

Hakeem, the owner of the first vegan restaurant in Nigeria, Veggie Victory, is raising funds to provide protein-rich meat-alternatives to children living in foster villages to make food accessible to them amidst a countrywide lockdown. These young children often fall into the category of people living under the poverty line, which makes supporting them through food donations that much more crucial. You can help and donate here.

Serving up some kindness

When Janse & Co had to temporarily close their doors due to Covid, Chefs Arno Janse and Liezl Odendaal thought of spending their time doing good for the community. They teamed up with Ladles of Love, a volunteer-run charity that serves food to the homeless. Each day the chefs and volunteers cook around 2,000 to 2,500 meals a day!

Adidas donates $1 for every hour exercised

Adidas has launched a #hometeamhero campaign. Each hour of exercise that you do at home and track through your fitness tracker, Adidas will donate a dollar to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. This fund will then be used for the frontline heroes. Get sweating and do good!

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Going Beyond

Beyond Meat has started a “Feed a Million+” campaign. The company, along with its partners, will donate a million plant-based burgers to hospitals, community centers, and food banks. Through its Facebook page, the company is asking its customers, employees, and stakeholders which places would be benefited the most by this donation, so they can direct their donations according to the community's needs.

beyond meat plant-based burger Review of Beyond Meat Plant-Based Patties by @leozetteroode's

Herbaland donated their multivitamins

People who work in healthcare are working overtime to ensure that the world heals. Herbaland decided to give a helping hand to these heroes. They contacted various healthcare facilities to check what their needs are and donated their multivitamins to help bridge this gap.

herbaland vitamins Review of Vitamin D3 and B12 by @lowwaste0plantbased's

Glossier hands out their brand-new hand cream

Glossier had a moisturizing hand cream that was in the works for two years. As the product got ready to be sold in the market, covid struck. So, the team switched gear and donated their new product to the front line hospital workers. This cream has the goodness of all-natural ingredients. So, they decided to donate their creams to the workers whose hands became extremely dry due to constant washing.

SpaRitual gives away hand sanitizers

SpaRitual had the same issue as glossier. It was ready to launch it’s sanitizer as the world came to a halt. It took this in its stride and donated it’s hand sanitizers to the people that were the most vulnerable, the homeless.

spaRitual hand sanitizers Follow @sparitualist on Instagram

Huda Beauty donates $100,000!

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty knows what it's like to worry about your business. As she announces to donate $100,000 to 100 makeup artists who're struggling right now, she mentions that this is a start. Her wish is that people stay positive and help each other.

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The Body Shop supports hospital workers, shelters, and senior citizens

The Body Shop believes that we're better when we're together. So, The Body Shop donated nearly 400,000 products, including soaps and Hemp Hand Protectors, to the NHS staff and volunteers fighting against Covid-19. An additional 120,000 products have already been donated to hospitals and charities in the UK.

Daily Harvest offers frozen smoothies and bowls to front-line healthcare professionals

Daily Harvest believes a healthy workforce is essential. Since March, it has donated thousands of their delicious frozen smoothies and bowls to the front-line workers and will continue to do so until things stabilize. They've also started developing a new “flatbread” line and are hiring chefs who've lost their jobs due to covid, and together they are coming up with great new flavors! We sure are looking forwards to that one!

Let's continue to support local businesses and organizations during this time.

All of us are doing our part in the fight against the virus. From staying home to being on the front-lines, we're all in this together. Compassion is the key! Let's support businesses and do our part.

If you know of any businesses that are giving back to the community, let us know in the comments below!

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