RASTA Sanctuary needs your help to build a new barn

5 Aug 2021

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Rescued cows at RASTA Sanctuary in Canada Photo: RASTA Sanctuary

RASTA Sanctuary, also known as Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals, is located in Vancouver Island, Canada. The sanctuary was founded by Lucie Cerny in January 2001. The idea for starting RASTA came up because Lucie saw a desperate need for farm animal refuge and advocacy where she lived. Over time, this small idea led Lucie to starting the sanctuary as a safe space for abandoned and abused animals. Today, the sanctuary is operated mainly by Lucie, and a handful of devoted volunteers.

This August, we’re helping RASTA Sanctuary to raise funds for a new barn. When their property was purchased five years ago, it was believed that their old barn could be reinforced. Unfortunately, Lucie later learnt that the old barn did not have a solid foundation and that overtime it might have sunk into the ground.

Since beginning their campaign to replace the old barn, her team has raised over $100,000 towards the construction costs. However, due to a mill strike not too long ago, followed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, material costs have quadrupled over the last year. Now, they are turning to you and the rest of the abillion community to help them raise an additional $25,000 that will help them complete the construction of a new barn.

When the construction is completed, it will house their pigs and senior animal residents, providing a dry and warm space in winter and a cool sheltered space during the summer. A second level within the barn will hold bedding for the pigs and will include a room for the RASTA Merchandise shop where they will also hold educational activities for their visitors, as well as fundraising events.

Rescued pig and cow at RASTA Sanctuary Photo: RASTA Sanctuary

The funds raised through this campaign will also allow the team to construct a new quarantine and medical stall on their facility where they will be able to properly quarantine newly rescued animals, should they need time to recover from injuries. This will save the sanctuary money and create a better life for the animals.

The easiest way to help RASTA Sanctuary meet its current goals—and help them build their barn—is by posting reviews of vegan food and sustainable products on the abillion app, and then choosing to donate to RASTA Sanctuary as your beneficiary of choice. For the month of August, we will be doubling donations to RASTA as a show of support to this campaign.

If you’d like to go a step further, you can also choose to donate directly on their website: https://rastarescue.org/donateorsponsor/.

Make an impact today!

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