5 Reasons to Ditch Eggs

19 Jan 2018

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Eggs on toast

Eggs are perceived as nutrition bombs. Many people can’t start their day without them. But are they really so healthy? Short answer, no.

But we’re missing the rest of the story behind eggs.

1. Eggs contain saturated fat

First, eggs are animal products, meaning they contain saturated fat. That’s no shocker, and we have long known that saturated fat is responsible for raising cholesterol. When cholesterol increases, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases. Also, too much saturated fat can potentially lead to type 2 diabetes.

2. They are cholesterol bombs

Eggs are by far the number one source of cholesterol, packing about 187mg of cholesterol per egg. Some claim that dietary cholesterol doesn’t have an impact on our blood cholesterol, but several studies have found that eating dietary cholesterol such as eggs increases blood cholesterol.

Further, dietary cholesterol has inflammatory and oxidative effects on LDL cholesterol (the bad kind of cholesterol). This leads to negative effects on the cardiovascular system.

A recent study suggests that regular egg consumption is as harmful to our bodies as smoking cigarettes.


3. Your gut bacteria dislike them

Today we know the importance of our intestinal bacteria for our health. We need probiotics for a functioning digestive system. Egg yolks contain a compound called lecithin, which our intestinal bacteria convert into a chemical called TMAO. High levels of TMAO are linked to an increased risk for heart attack or stroke.

As discussed in our recent feature article, there’s also a huge connection between the gut, our minds and our overall sense of well-being.

4. The egg industry needs fixing

Most chickens in the egg industry live their existence crammed into battery cages. About 95% of eggs produced in the United States come from caged birds. The chicks never meet their mothers and the males are thrown into a grinder alive.

After two years of overproducing eggs, the laying mother hens are slaughtered. When the hens arrive at slaughter, a third of them already have broken legs due to the cramped cages, filthy hygiene, and overall inhumane conditions.

Cute chick needs our help

5. You don’t need eggs

All protein is good protein, right? When we eat concentrated sources of protein like eggs, it’s hard on the liver and kidneys which can eventually lead to organ failure. If you worry about getting enough protein, there are much more nutritious plant-based sources like beans, lentils, legumes, nuts and seeds. The plant-based proteins also give you plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

By choosing plant-based protein sources instead of eggs, the positive effects are doubled. Your body will thank you, and you won’t be supporting an industry that’s extremely detrimental to human health, the environment and animal welfare.

And yes, you can bake without eggs.

The future of eggs: 4,400 years in the making

So without eggs, what will become of classic brunches? Eggs benedict? What about meringues, eggnog, or flan? Eggs would seem to be an indispensable ingredient in certain dishes – until now.

Just Scramble

Just Scramble’s “Scramble Entrée Crème Fraiche”

Coming out of San Francisco is Just Scramble, an egg alternative that's even better than the real thing! The company behind it, Hampton Creek, focuses on creating healthier, more sustainable food alternatives. Just Scramble is an egg alternative made from a 4,400 year old legume called a mung bean, and is free of antibiotics and cholesterol.

Just Scramble’s debut has caught international attention. José Andrés, internationally acclaimed chef and restaurateur, says “Not every day you see something that blows your mind away! Already is changing the world! Amazing eggless omelet.”

An innovation like this counters the multi-billion dollar egg industry; one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of the food system. Last year, there were one trillion eggs laid globally. These facts aren’t lost on Hampton Creek, whose sustainability metrics are pioneering a vision for a more equitable food system.

Last year, Hampton Creek’s customers helped save more than 250 million gallons of fresh water and helped avoid 2,500 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions by choosing their plant-based alternative products, including household staples like mayonnaise, salad dressing and cookies. And they reduced egg consumption by nearly 4 million eggs.

"We were lucky enough to find something that has impacted our food system for thousands of years and turn it into a meal that will impact it for thousands more," said Hampton Creek co-founder and CEO Josh Tetrick. “Launching Just Scramble is the culmination of years of hard work by our talented team."

Embrace the future!

If you’ve gotten this far you might be rethinking your morning breakfast. Whether it’s scrapping eggs entirely or finding new and healthier plant-based alternatives, make 2018 the year you’ll learn about the true impact of animal-based foods on yourself and the planet.

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@kaylabear profile image
kaylabear4 YEARS AGO
It’s so great to talk about this, since many meat eaters can tolerate the idea of not killing animals, but seem completely thrown by why eggs are bad. I’m trying to get my parents to stop eating eggs (they eat them every morning), so hopefully the Just Scramble hits Canada soon!
@vikas profile image
vikas4 YEARS AGO
David Yeung has just brought it to Hong Kong at Green Common!
@kaylabear profile image
kaylabear4 YEARS AGO
Yeah I saw on Facebook, pretty excited to try it! I hope it’s in Canada though, for my parents’ sakes!
@soo profile image
Bring Just Scramble to Singapore please!
@vikas profile image
vikas4 YEARS AGO
They're working on it!
@silene profile image
silene4 YEARS AGO
We forget that there are bad sides to the perfect food like cholesterol, hens crammed into small spaces etc. Thanks for the post!
@dhughes profile image
dhughes1 YEAR AGO
Much of animal exploitation is due to a lack of awareness. Out of sight, out of mind. However, there are hardcore omnivore who feel entitled to consuming meat. After all, humans have been the premier predator of animal flesh. If wild animals eat meat, so can humans. After all, we humans need the protein. Vegan diet is very doable, you can take any recipe, eliminate the meat, season for your taste buds and wala! You have a delicious, healthy meal.
@miaomiao9991 profile image
miaomiao99911 YEAR AGO
The occasional double yolk ain’t worth it. Just Egg is the best choice
@dekat profile image
dekat1 YEAR AGO
Can you bake with JUST egg?