Vegan Restaurants in America are suffering

31 Mar 2021

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Restaurants are closing down

We Are Impactors, Million Dollar Vegan, and abillion have created Save Vegan Restaurants, an advocacy and fundraising drive to support and save beloved vegan restaurants in the United States from potential financial disaster. The campaign launches 1 April 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every industry. From small mom-and-pop diners to giant restaurant chains, the Food and Beverages industry has been hit particularly hard. Restaurants have been forced to change operations, cancel gatherings and even close. According to an online survey of US restaurants by abillion, nearly 64% of businesses saw a loss in revenue during the pandemic. One-third of vegan restaurants surveyed said they were in danger of closing.

Data on the US vegan restaurants suffer significant loss through the pandemic

West and Midwest of US affected the most

New restaurants, however, have continued to onboard onto our platform. It can be seen that an increasing proportion of dish reviews on the platform can be attributed to new restaurants, rather than existing ones. Moreover, the slight uptick observed in the US in Oct 2020 was largely driven by new restaurants. Pre-covid favorites, on the other hand, are struggling to recover. While the emergence of new restaurants might seem promising for the industry, the number of new US restaurants onboarding onto the abillion ecosystem each month has fallen drastically throughout the pandemic; thus, new restaurants cannot be expected to compensate for the loss of existing ones.

New vegan restaurants emerge

What abillion is doing to Save Vegan Restaurants?

Recognizing the importance of this initiative, abillion has established a Save Vegan Restaurants(SVR) fund to support restaurants that are exclusively vegan in the USA. abillion has committed up to $1 million through this fund in support of vegan restaurants in the United States.

Whenever a member posts a review, abillion gives them USD$1 to donate to a charity they support, which they can do through the app. Starting 1 April 2021, if a member reviews a dish from a vegan restaurant and includes #SaveVeganRestaurants in the review, that restaurant—if it has a claimed listing—is enrolled in the fund.

abillion will keep the Save Vegan Restaurants campaign active for 12 months, starting 1 April. At the end of every month, the collected donations will be disbursed to all participating US vegan restaurants in proportion to the reviews posted about their dishes.

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veganfoodcrazy1 YEAR AGO
I love this idea and I want to personally thank you for doing this. Sadly so many vegan restaurants in NY have already closed for good. I hope that this can indeed help out out the ones that are still struggling.