Surfing the Plant-based Wave in Singapore

21 Apr 2021

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Karana Ngoh hiang made with Karana, a jackfruit-based meat substitute

The plant-based wave has hit Singapore's shores in full force. And, based on “Surfing the plant-based wave in Singapore,” a new report from abillion published 20 April 2021, flexitarians are leading the charge. Based on data, pulled from analyzing over 62,000 reviews on consumer products, flexitarians are the fastest-growing consumer segment using the abillion platform.

This trend is not just limited to Singapore. Flexitarians are the fastest-growing consumer group across most of our key markets, including the US, UK, and Spain, among others.

“A flexitarian lifestyle presents a more balanced and inclusive entry point for consumers seeking to lower their environmental footprint through their daily habits," says Maria Tan, Data Scientist at abillion. “It might be hard for someone to immediately become vegetarian or vegan. But more and more consumers want to actively reduce animal protein intake and, based on the new habits they are forming, don’t identify as omnivores anymore. This reflects a general shift to both healthier as well as more environmentally conscious choices in Singapore and abroad.”

chips Sweet Chilli chips from Uncle Saba's Poppadoms

When it comes to plant-based meat, while plant-based beef is consumed and reviewed the most, demand for plant-based chicken and pork is accelerating rapidly. "Chicken is the most versatile animal protein available and can be used in a wide range of cuisines,” says Andre Menezes, Co-Founder & COO, TiNDLE. “It delivers great versatility across cultural communities and can be incorporated into both traditional and innovative dishes. The potential for plant-based chicken is tremendous. The demand for plant-based chicken will continue to be driven by the appeal of food sustainability and health interests, and win consumers' hearts with its superior consumer experience and deliciousness.”

OmniMeat Strips OmniMeat Strip from Omni Foods

The report also points to interest amongst consumers for formats that work well for Asian cooking. Mince and strips are experiencing the fastest growth in consumer interest.

Many abillion members, for example, have been incorporating OmniMeat Strips into homemade stir-fried dishes, hotpots, and noodle soups. “This was better than expected,” writes abillion member @Yashermin. “The strips were firm and required no seasoning. I added it to #japanesecurry mix from SB and I had a hearty dish prepared in minutes. Definitely a great item to keep in your freezer. #omnimeat.”

Conscious consumption in Singapore is growing exponentially. As the pandemic continues, more consumers are paying attention to social, environmental, and health issues. Based on the data we have, we expect this wave to continue to rise this year and beyond.

For more insights and to read the full report, please go here: Surfing the Plant-Based Wave Singapore

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