Whip up these vegan chocolate recipes for Valentine’s Day

4 Feb 2022

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Valentine's Day vegan chocolate recipes Photo: Marta Dzedyshko

Nothing quite marks Valentine’s Day better than chocolate. Sure we have plenty of vegan chocolates to recommend, including those in our annual chocolate awards. But why not make the day extra special and make something for your beloved?

From petite bonbons to playful ice cream sandwiches and a luscious chocolate tart, we’ve got it all in our growing database of recipes.

Here are some ideas.

Chocolate orange truffle tart

Valentine's Day vegan chocolate recipes Photo: @chefcynthialouise

For a standalone treat, Chef Cynthia Louise has a chocolate orange truffle tart. When piped beautifully, it can be a stunner. “Rich and decadent. Smooth and lush. Tasty and kind to the body,” she says.

Raw Vegan Ferrero Rocher-style Bonbons

Valentine's Day vegan chocolate recipes Photo: @flouredfingers_

Forget buying a box of chocolates – make it yourself instead. This recipe for vegan bonbons reminiscent of Ferrero Rocher is a hit with our community. “These are raw, quick to make and extremely delicious,” says Yuliya Mihaylova, the recipe creator. Present them in neat tiny cupcake wrappers and you’re good to go.

Vegan banana chocolate mousse

Valentine's Day vegan chocolate recipes Photo: @flouredfingers_

If you’re whipping up a vegan meal for Valentine’, a simple dessert is going to simplify your cooking process. This banana chocolate mousse recipe lets you make it ahead of time – even the day before – if you wish. Simply refrigerate it and pull it out when your date is ready for dessert.

Easy vegan chocoholic cannolis

Valentine's Day vegan chocolate recipes Photo: abillion

Here’s an idea: instead of cooking a meal by yourself, why not make it a couple activity? This chocolate cannoli recipe will do just the trick. It calls for store-bought puff pastry which cuts out a significant amount of time and tasks can be divided between you two.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Valentine's Day vegan chocolate recipes Photo: @therusticvegan

Okay we admit, this recipe for mint chocolate chip ice cream barely scrapes by in the chocolate category but where it lacks in chocolate, it more than makes up by being delicious. The ice cream gets its green hue from spirulina and while the recipe calls for one cup of chocolate chips, feel free to add more to elevate its chocolate flavor. The best part? You don’t need an ice cream maker.

Mexican chocolate ice cream sandwiches

Valentine's Day vegan chocolate recipes Photo: @therusticvegan

Show off your playful side and bring out the rainbow sprinkles with this ice cream sandwich recipe. It might sound like a bit of an indulgence but it’s far healthier than what you might find commercially. For starters, the cookies are made from only two ingredients: medjool date paste and lightly salted peanuts. Coat it with melted chocolate, toss some rainbow sprinkles and you’ll have a treat that’s bound to create some cute memories.

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