11 Vegan Beauty Products abillion Staffers Love

9 Jul 2021

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vegan beauty products abillion staff love

At a time when some of the greatest vegan and cruelty-free beauty products are being created, these are the products our staff love. From an eyeshadow palette with 15 beautiful shades to choose from, to soothing face care creams that aid with hydration, you'll be able to find something for everyone.

At-Home Smoothing Treatment Kit by OWOW


“I’m sure my fellow frizzy-haired people would have heard of Keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout before. If you haven’t, it’s basically a hair treatment that eliminates frizz and temporarily straightens and smoothes your hair.

Since turning vegan, I’ve not been able to find a vegan alternative at salons.

This OWOW treatment is not only a vegan and cruelty-free version of that, but the price is also a tenth of what I normally pay at salons. It also doesn’t contain all the harsh chemicals that Keratin treatments or Brazilian blowouts normally do.”

Check out Sarah’s review of the At-Home Smoothing Treatment Kit.

Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier


“I love using this as a daily face cleanser — it’s got a creamy smooth texture that leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated for hours. Even without any exfoliating elements, it still manages to effectively remove any dirt so that your face feels clean without having to scrub a layer of skin off. One bottle lasts several months as well, which is fantastic, especially given the relatively affordable price point. If you want to try this out before buying a bottle, Glossier includes a free sample with every purchase, so definitely give this a try next time!”

Check out Emily’s review of Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser.

Shine Last & Go Gel Nail Polish by essence cosmetics


“I like these because they are accessible to me and are sold in multiple stores across the city. These are also extremely affordable. Usually, products labelled as natural or vegan demand a premium price but it's nice to not have to pay the ‘vegan tax’ for these.”

See Dash’s review of the Shine Last & Go Gel Nail Polish here.

Great Barrier Relief by Krave Beauty


“I’m obsessed with this brand and this product does not disappoint. Great Barrier Relief’s formula is soothing, creamy yet light and absorbs into my skin right away. A trio oil blend— tamanu oil, safflower oil and rosehip oil—that quenches my combination skin without any greasiness. It also has Niacinamide and Ceramides that help to repair the skin while keeping the good stuff in and bad stuff out, like the punny product name suggests! And most importantly, the product is cruelty-free without any animal-derived ingredients.”

See Hazel’s review of the Great Barrier Relief here.

Hemp Seed Oil by Nok Apothecary


“I love Nok Apothecary's Hemp Seed Oil for my eczema-prone areas! It's the only thing that has truly worked for my hand and foot eczema. I also use it on my neck whenever I have a rash, and it clears up within a few days of consistent application. The sustainably-sourced food grade hemp oil is going to be better for you and your skin in the long run than using steroid topicals. I gifted this to my mum with psoriasis and another friend with eczema and they love it as well!”

See Rachel’s review of Nok Apothecary's Hemp Seed Oil.

Organic Damask Rose Soothing Toner Mist by OASIS:

Maria Tan

“My skin is really sensitive to the climate I'm in. Since moving back from a temperate environment, I have had trouble with oily and inflamed skin in Singapore's tropical climate. I absolutely love this product and use it everyday, and I find that it helps tighten my pores and keeps my skin feeling hydrated without excessive oil. I also have acne-prone skin so I can never wear makeup but this toner has been a great way to keep my skin looking fresh and glowy so I'm so thankful to OASIS: for stoking these babies.”

Check out Maria’s review of the Organic Damask Rose Soothing Toner Mist.

Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer by Biossance

Sweta Sahu

“I love this gel's consistency and texture for Singapore’s humid weather. It’s light and absorbs into the skin like a dream. I’ve been using it for months now and my skin feels supple.”

Take a look at Sweta’s review of the Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer.

Green Clean by Farmacy Skincare


"If you struggle with mascara residue even after cleansing your face 10 times, I’ve got the product for you. This is the BEST cleansing balm I’ve used in my life. It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and it takes all of my makeup off, including stubborn mascara, without making my face feel like the Sahara desert. The best part is a little goes a long way so I feel that it justifies the moderately high price point. I’ve repurchased it 5 times now and will continue to do so in the future."

See Priyanga’s review of Green Clean here.

Club Nebula Palette by Kaleidos

Maria Tirador

“Kaleidos is an indie makeup brand that creates super high-quality vegan beauty products. This palette was a collaboration with makeup artist Angelica Nyqvist. The colors are the prettiest and the packaging is sick! The combinations are endless thanks to the variety of colors in the palette, and the shadows are really pigmented. It was difficult to grab one because they go out of stock really quickly but I got my hands on it and I totally don't regret it.”

Take a look at Maria’s review of the Club Nebula Palette.

Original Deodorant by My Shay


“I've been religiously using this ever since I got introduced to it by a friend. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical at first because deodorants from other brands with paste-like consistencies either did not feel good on my skin or were not long lasting enough. Especially in a place like Singapore where the sweat is REAL, these two factors are a total necessity.

I also like that it also comes in metal tins rather than plastic ones, so that the packaging can be reused for other purposes or I can put more product in it so that I can drop one into different bags before I head out.”

See Jashvini’s review of the Original Deodorant by My Shay.

Instaglow Brightening Beauty Glow by OASIS:


“Facial products work differently for different people depending on their skin type, and apparently it can depend on the season too. This little concoction by OASIS: works wonders for my skin, I have combination skin — and it quite literally creates an instant glow. When I’ve had it on overnight, I find my skin healthier the next day, with less blemishes and inflammation. A full experience, it also checks a few product tick boxes for me: refillable, made with natural ingredients, simple and beautiful scent.”

See Miao’s review of the Instaglow Brightening Beauty Oil.

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