Vegan Oat Latte Recipe

10 Jun 2020

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Oat Milk Latte 

Starting every morning with warm, frothy oat mylk latte in my favorite mug almost never fails to put me in an amazing mood for the rest of the day! This is a fuss-free, easy and quick recipe to make your own #dairyfree latte. It's a recipe that is meant to be customized, so be creative in making it your own. Enjoy!

Do note, you will need a mylk frother for this (I used a French Press)!

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  • 1 portion/shot of ground coffee (Or any black instant coffee, filter coffee, etc.)
  • 1 cup of oat mylk (Or any kind of #dairyfree mylk. My favourite brands are Oatly and Alpro)

Oat Mylk Latte


  1. Gently heat the mylk in a pot over low heat (Do not bring it to a boil).

  2. While the mylk is heating up, prepare the black coffee in your favorite mug. If you're using an instant coffee sachet, add just enough hot water to dissolve the ground coffee.

  3. After the mylk has heated up, pour it into the French Press and lightly press the plunger up and down until you achieve your desired amount of mylk froth (Be careful not to be too vigorous with your French Press plunger).

  4. Slowly pour the frothed mylk into your mug and (try to) include a latte art!

  5. Customise and tweak this recipe to your own liking by playing with the mylk-coffee ratio, swapping coffee with matcha or adding cocoa powder on top!

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@dhwani profile image
dhwani2 YEARS AGO
Wow! I had no idea we could froth the milk using french press! @meetbuch22 check it out!
@mimijona profile image
mimijona2 YEARS AGO
@dhwani same here! Cant wait to try
@jashment profile image
jashment2 YEARS AGO
I have a little frother device that my mum has in the house but didnt know you could just use a French Press! Thanks for the hot tip!
@brbelina profile image
brbelina2 YEARS AGO
@norabea profile image
norabea2 YEARS AGO
Wow. Impressed! I can stop frantically looking for a hand frother. French press is easier
@mariaubergine profile image
mariaubergine2 YEARS AGO
@norabea yes and it takes just a couple of pumps :-)
@caracol2212 profile image
caracol22122 YEARS AGO
Thank you ... great idea !!!
@bego18 profile image
bego181 YEAR AGO
Looks so good💕