An onion bhaji recipe for snack time

24 Jan 2022

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onion bhaji Photo: Chef Cynthia Louise

Recipe for vegan onion bhaji by Chef Cynthia Louise

Today's star is, without a doubt, the onion. The symphony of spices I added to this dish, on the other hand, gave the star of the show a whole new dimension. I guarantee, after trying these onion bhajis, you'll never look at onions the same way again.

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400g onion, sliced
2 cups besan flour
1 tbsp sweet curry powder
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp Nigella seeds
1 tsp cumin powder
A handful of coriander leaves
Rice bran oil to cook

In a bowl, add the flour and coriander leaves, mix and break the flour.

Add the curry powder, cumin, nigella, mustard seeds, salt and pepper, mix well.

Gradually add water to make a pancake consistency, adjust the taste.

Add the onions and mix until it’s all well-coated.

Let it sit for 15 minutes.

While you wait, heat up the oil.

To fry, scoop a big spoonful and lower into the hot oil. Onion bhajis are done once it reaches a golden brown colour.

Chef Cynthia Louise

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@vikas profile image
vikas10 MONTHS AGO
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sunshineyum9 MONTHS AGO
Onion or potato bhaji are similar to but so much nicer than rosti or hashbrowns because of the Indian spicing. Love it!
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manjugarg7 MONTHS AGO
My grand kids love onion pakoras as they love onions rings .I make with Indian style basan same as above recipe 👏 but as rings . crispy everyone’s favorite 😍
@manjugarg profile image
manjugarg7 MONTHS AGO
I Add carom seed ( ajavain )to digest basan