Watch This Space in 2020

30 Dec 2019

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Watch this space in 2020

Hi conscious people!

2019 is coming to an end and that means we’re ringing in a new chapter in 2020. Over the years, we’ve evolved and adapted, but one thing never changes; our 100% commitment to build a global community that catalyzes millions of people and businesses do what’s right fo their body, the animals and the planet. 2019 has been an amazing year for the community as we hit a major milestone - 100,000 reviews globally! We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for reviewing all the delicious vegan dishes and products every day, and for choosing to make a difference through your donations.

We take your feedback very seriously, and we've dynamically responded to our community base by further embracing our diverse global community of members, adding in multiple animal sanctuary partners from all over the world, and adding long-requested features in. This year alone, we added the ability to review products, find dishes and vegan-friendly restaurants on the map, improved search and even translated the app into Spanish! The response to all of these features have been overwhelming, but we haven't been resting on our laurels. A global mindset has been central to our strategic vision and we focus on taking it to the next level in 2020 with very exciting plans.

2020, bring it on! Be excited for improved and new app features.

Our mission is to make it easy for the world to be vegan, and this year we're introducing a year-long content campaign to do exactly that. Look out for our weekly articles on a wide range of topics. It doesn't stop there. We're taking your feedback for restaurants one step further and turning them into a guide that will offer businesses a detailed step-by-step process to become more sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

New app features

We’re rolling up with some new app features in the coming months.


Everyone likes top-ten lists. This new feature will allow members to customise a collection of their best food and products for the community. Members can share and discover new food and products by posting images to their collection and browse what other members have saved. Share your tastes and interests with others and discovering those of likeminded people. Travelling? See what other members recommend before you go.



You'll finally be able to search for photos in folders, upload higher quality photos, and edit them in-app. We'll also be adding the ability to save drafts so you can come back to them anytime.

Near Me

You'll be able to search for vegan dishes and restaurants anywhere, not just what's around you.



We're aiming to reach 100 partners by the end of the year, so you're going to have a lot more choices for who you want to support. Look forward to sharing your donation history and seeing how your support helps our partners.


We want to reward you for everything you do on the app, so we'll be celebrating your major milestones with badges that you can display in your profile. And yes, there will be plenty of cute, adorable animals.


Some of you have been wanting to reach out to, and share content with, other members on the app; your wait ends this year. The new chat feature lets you get more targeted and personal with specific members.

Whew! That's quite a lot planned for 2020, but we're confident you're going to love all of it. You can also look forward to a faster, more reliable, better-looking experience on the app and website.

A million-dollar project

2019 saw abillionveg crushing many of our big audacious goals. To date, we’ve donated USD 60,000 to our 35 incredible animal rescue partners. We have partnered with various animal welfare organisations who are committed to make an impact for animals across the globe. At the top of our goal for 2020 is to donate USD 1,000,000 to our growing partners. These animal advocacy organisations work hard to do beautiful work around the globe. With your reviews, we aim to support the growth of their positive impact in the coming year. We’re truly living in the best time where we have the power at our fingertips to create change by simply reviewing ten vegan dishes or products to redeem USD 10 donation.

We’re hiring!

With so many goals to crush in the coming year, it's an exciting time to be part of the team here at abillionveg. We're looking for talented, passionate members who want to make a difference from behind the scenes. If you want to drive change from the driver's seat, apply here.

As we get ready to close out an amazing 2019, we want to thank you for everything you accomplished this year. Every one of you contributed to our success, and we have so much to celebrate as a community. We have an exciting journey ahead of us, and we look forward to sharing our goals and experiences with one another, both on and off the app. We've told you what we want to accomplish. Tell us your goals for 2020 in the comments below.

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@sheriready profile image
sheriready2 YEARS AGO
I just found you from a post on Twitter. I can’t wait to see you grow in 2020!
@vikas profile image
vikas2 YEARS AGO
Thanks so much Sheri, we're working hard to make abillionveg a great experience for the community!
@lou profile image
wow that's a lot of new features! how exciting!
@truphotos profile image
truphotos2 YEARS AGO
Looking forward to the upcoming features/improvements and excited to see ABV playing an increasingly bigger role in the community! ☺️💪🏼
@amindfulmiao profile image
amindfulmiao2 YEARS AGO
abillionveg in 2020 is going to be wild!
@truphotos profile image
truphotos2 YEARS AGO
@amindfulmiao I’m sure! Can’t wait! 🙌🏼
@hownowbrownkow profile image
hownowbrownkow2 YEARS AGO
Woohoo, exciting stuff ahead! Super stoked to join the abv family 💚
@veggieburger profile image
veggieburger2 YEARS AGO
Awesome, congrats on a great 2019 and look forward to watching you grow this community bigger and stronger in 2020!
@simhazel profile image
simhazel2 YEARS AGO
omg badges!!!!
@bshade profile image
bshade2 YEARS AGO
So excited to see all of these amazing 2020 updates! Thanks for all that you do!
@vikas profile image
vikas2 YEARS AGO
Thanks so much Becky!
@veganclublondon profile image
veganclublondon2 YEARS AGO
Your donation goal for this year is incredible! I am so pleased that I can play a small part in this. Great work everyone let's do this!!
@paloma profile image
paloma2 YEARS AGO
❤️❤️❤️❤️ se viene un tremendo año !!!
@gracedocarmo profile image
gracedocarmo2 YEARS AGO
Your app was extremely helpful while I was traveling abroad to find vegan friendly venues. Thank you so much for what you do 🌻💡