Our Animal Sanctuary Partner from Argentina got featured in Major Newspapers and More Stories!

17 Mar 2020

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Each review that you post on abillionveg helps raise funds for our 40+ animal advocacy partners who work tirelessly to provide the best life for their animals. Your reviews help our partners achieve their goals and make the lives of animals better!

     sheep1 Ain't no better time to meditate than now.

With all the hard work that the founders of the sanctuary, Gabriela Bezeric and Armando Scoppa, are putting in to ensure that all of their 850 residents are cared for, they deserve all this and more. The abillionveg team congratulates all of the animals and their hoomans with wishes that they succeed more!

Lending a helping hand

     pig1 Lucas and Sheila catching a few zzz's between all the naughtiness. See the shenanigans of these piggies when they are awake by clicking here.

When Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) heard that a small sanctuary, My Home My Animal Heaven, which was in need of some funds, they jumped in to help. My Home My Animal Heaven is run by a vegan couple who believes that animals deserve a good life and work hard to provide all their animals with as much support as they possibly can. JAAN has stepped in to support them financially to ensure that all animals can get food and medical treatment.

Thanks to your donations through abillionveg, a network of support like this is easily available – pay it forward!

A little love goes a long way!

     sheep2 Gracie and Ellie: Love comes in all shapes and sizes!

Black Goat Farm Sanctuary recently welcomed a baby calf, Gracie, in their herd. Gracie was rescued from an animal auction. From her condition, it was apparent that she had lived a short but tough life before she arrived at the sanctuary. She was malnourished to the point that her bones had stopped growing. Now with proper nutrition and loads of love and care, Gracie has put on some extra pounds and developed a soft coat. Her favorite thing to do is to prance around the property and spends time with the goats and sheep. She can be found nuzzling her best friend, Ellie, the sheep.

Help these piglets make a house that cannot be huff'd and puff'd away!

     Four pigs cuddling Lucky and triplets forming a cuddle puddle until their house is ready.

The three little piglets from our favorite childhood story, have arrived at the Aloha Animal Sanctuary's doorstep, and they have brought a friend along!

You can help build these cute piglets, and all their future piggy friends, a forever home by choosing to donate to Aloha Animal Sanctuary. Every review will be one step towards building their safe haven.


Meet our new partners!


Santuario Clafira | Chile

Our first partner in Chile, Santuario Clafira recently rescued Julia, a beautiful donkey from the Valparaíso wildfire. The Sanctuary will provide her with love and care to help her rehabilitate, as they do for all their rescues.


Santuario Vegan | Spain

Nestled in Madrid is a space of safety for animals exploited, abused or abandoned. Santuario Vegan creates change not only by helping these animals, but also through their promotion of veganism – Panko the pig a Santuorio Vegan resident, is all for the vegan life!


Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary | USA

We now have a partner in Colorado! Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary is all about living life with compassion. What's more, if you're around the area, you can sign up to visit the animals! For a small fee you can spend an entire day getting to know the amazing rescues. Catch Gray's cheeky smirk when you visit!


Rifugio Miletta | Italy

Our first Italian partner, Rifugio Miletta, was born with a dual purpose: to free non-human animals from exploitation and to invent a place where the freed survivors regain their freedom. This is a place where the animals express themselves according to nature and their individuality – here's Holly getting up close and curious!


Snap a photo of vegan food and products and review them on abillionveg to help these amazing partners.

Mercy for Animals and abillionveg would like to share that the protection of life, big or small, is a practice of compassion that creates a feeling of love so beautiful– it has the power to heal yourself and others. 💚


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@ma-ga profile image
ma-ga2 YEARS AGO
Todo esto me hace creer que la "Humanidad" es posible y que debemos ser dignos de habitar este hermoso mundo. 🙏
@caronoel profile image
caronoel2 YEARS AGO
Hermoso artículo! Thanks a lot!! 💖 Love from Argentina
@paloma profile image
paloma2 YEARS AGO
Que lindo♥️♥️♥️♥️ hermosa labor la que realizan los santuarios !
@elmini14 profile image
elmini142 YEARS AGO
Por mas Santuarios en Argentina, mas donaciones, mas voluntarios, mas jaulas vacias 💚