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16 May 2020

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two cute cows looking straight at camera

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Our conservation partners have proven that even in difficult times, they continue to stand strong and provide for their animals. The month of April saw our partners achieve great feats, from conducting rescues to launching documentaries.

We've donated over $10,000 to Santuario Salvajes

Thanks to our community reviews, we've been able to donate over $10,000 to Santurio Salvajes. The sanctuary has saved over 300 animal lives, and we're glad that our community continues to support amazing organizations like this one!

side profile of a meditative sheep The sweet smell of a successful partnership.

El Hogar Animal Sanctuary is raising money for fencing their property

A few years ago, forest rangers rescued three potbelly pigs, April, Grus, and Lira, from an accident-prone road. Since the rangers didn't have any place for them to live, the pigs were going to be euthanized. The folks at El Hogar Animal Sanctuary couldn't allow this to happen and brought the three pigs to their sanctuary. The initial medical check-up made it clear that April was pregnant and was in the last days of her pregnancy. A few days later, she delivered a healthy litter of four babies. Unfortunately, one of the babies passed away after suffering from a heart attack. The others are growing up in a safe and happy environment. At the moment, the pigs are staying in a small fenced-in area. The folks at the sanctuary are looking to fence the entire 25-acre park so that the pigs can move freely on the whole property.

Superstars at Refuge GroinGroin rescued 6 animals

closeup of a pig's snout The breath of freedom!

It's Sheep Shearing Season

The sheep at Animal Place and Espiritu Libre got shorn this month. With this, they'll be able to be more comfortable as the hotter months set in.

Zoom meetings just got a bit more interesting

Do all your zoom meetings look the same? Aloha Animal Sanctuary is offering an exclusive meet and greet session on Zoom. For a small fee, you can meet the animals and learn more about them through the video call. This is a perfect treat for yourself, your animal-loving friends, or even a fantastic way to surprise the kids.

funny pig with an illustration of a zoom meeting Get on a video call with this fur-ball of fun!

Help bring an end to bullfighting

In Spain each year, around 10,000 bulls are tortured in bullrings, and a thousand more (including cows and heifers) are harassed. The Covid-19 has led to these fights being canceled. The bullfighting sector's asking the government for economic rescue. Anima Naturalis is petitioning to stop the bullfighting sector from receiving funding. They've already received 60,000 signatures and you can show your support by signing the No Bailout for Bullfighting Petition.

Animal Liberation launches a documentary

Animal Liberation launched a documentary featuring DJ Tiger Lilly titled "Leather Truth." This documentary focuses on why the leather industry harms the animals and the environment and how, by using vegan leather alternatives, your actions can make a big impact.

A win for Compassion in world farming

Compassion in World Farming won the Charity Film Awards for their #EndtheCageAge campaign film. At the moment, more than a billion farm animals are spending their entire lives in cages. The End The Cage-age campaign sheds light on the fact that animals love the outdoors just as much as humans.

mother and daughter sheep relaxing in a farm Join Compassion in World Farming to help make the lives of these animals cage-free!

Feeding the hungry doggos

A lot of animals roam free on the streets of India. These strays usually find food in the restaurant bins or pick at other scraps on roads. Some lucky ones manage to find kind-hearted humans who feed them on the regular. But, due to the coronavirus lockdown, the street animals are left to fend for themselves with very little access to food. FIAPO has helped secure 70,000 meals to nearly 5,000 hungry dogs, cows, crows in some of India's remotest locations.

Welcome Tamir

Freedom Farm Sanctuary recently rescued Tamir, the goat. Tamir was found stranded in the middle of the forest. The rescuers found him shivering and screaming. When he came to the sanctuary, he was weak and could barely manage to stand. Now, with proper TLC, he looks forward to spending the rest of his days in peace.

baby goat smiling Tamir, feeling all relaxed at Freedom Farm Sanctuary

Not your regular walk in the park

A man was walking his dog in a parking lot, and to his surprise, a baby lamb came out from nearby bushes. Baby lambs are very trusting during the first few days after their birth and tend to follow everyone they meet. This little guy probably was looking for his mother and decided to trust the man and his dog. Fundación Santuario Gaia took this young lamb in and immediately administered artificial colostrum and essential vitamins. The little guy, now known as Oriol, found his groove at the sanctuary. You can follow Oriol and all his new friends' journeys on the Santurio Gaia Youtube Channel.

baby lamb standing in a garden with yellow flowers Oriol learns the art of fun at Santurio Gaia

Mercy for Animals and abillionveg believe that all beings are worthy of respect and love. As Anthony D. Williams puts it, "When I look into the eyes of an animal, I don't see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul."

a closeup of cow with a quote, "A life worth protecting"

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@purplelilpixie profile image
purplelilpixie2 YEARS AGO
This was lovely to read- so mamy happy stories! 😍 Thankyou for sharing!
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estelleskjolde2 YEARS AGO
So delightful that there are still good humans in this world.
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susyq2 YEARS AGO
Im so glad to know that bulln fights have stopped ! Magnífico ole torero
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paloma2 YEARS AGO
Tremenda y hermosa labor que realizan cada uno de los Santuarios ♥️
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unclenorton2 YEARS AGO
Really heartwarming stories there
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Wow! 😍 zoom meeting with animals? Something new! I like the photos here, the animals look so blissful. 😇
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trinidadgs2 YEARS AGO
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susyq2 YEARS AGO
Really touching Oriol history he wasn t afraid of the dog ,he is cute looks as smilig with his Big ears !!!
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susyq2 YEARS AGO
When Will finish dog races is cruelty from the begginig to the end.I can t stand people satisfaction un this.
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Wonderful stories to read. End bullfighting and use of animals for entertainment.
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So much love! Thank you ❤️
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I need to get one of those zoom meetings! 😍🥰